Tae’s Top 5 Sneakers of All time

For this list I will be doing a countdown of my top 5 sneakers of all time. After working at sneaker stores, and being embedded in the sneaker community for most of my life, I’ve encountered a lot of great footwear but these sneakers that I have listed today inspired color ways and styles for numerous companies over the years. These shoes remain at the top of everybody’s list time and time again, being praised as essential sneakers you need in your closet. 

Vans Old Skools

5.) Starting off the list with our number 5 we have Vans Old Skools. These classic skateboarding shoes have become an everyday wear in the sneaker community. People of all types of ethnic backgrounds have owned a pair of Vans and the Old Skools are primary silhouette for the brand. This shoe is simplistic but can have some crazy and out of this world designs that may spark the interest of many. Yearly collabs with other household brands like Disney, Nintendo, etc. make the Old Skools even more iconic.  

Air Max 90s

4.) At our number 4 spot we have another popular sneaker. This shoe is not only for style but for versatility. Being mainly used for training, running or anything athletic related, The Nike Air Max collection is a true classic. Nike has dropped so many shoes for athletes it’s truly hard to keep up with, but the Air Max 90’s, Air Max 1 and Air Max 95 are proven favorites for athletes and collectors alike.  

Chucks, Commes De Garcons

3.) The next piece of footwear we have on our list is an absolute classic. Being not only popular for its time but still worn til this day, no list is complete without the “Chuck Taylor ” from Converse. This is often considered one of the first sneakers created and helped spawn the whole industry. You can find Chucks at almost any store and can be worn by athletes, skateboarders, and as a part of anyone’s fashion. What makes Chucks so iconic though is the great collabs they’ve done over the years. For example, in 2019 they did a collaboration with Commes De Garcons to create Chucks that have a multi-heart or single heart design which is widely sought after. It seems like everyone around me owns a pair!

Air Jordan 1’s

2.) Next on this list is a sneaker known throughout the sneaker community. A simple choice to create some fashionable or memorable outfits. The “Retro Air Jordan 1 high” is the first silhouette that spawned the Jordan sneaker brand. The countless number of classic colorways date back to early 1985. Some of them, like the Laney 1 High have remarkable back stories that drive even further demand. The Air Jordan 1 is a sneaker that will be around for years to come and the demand for this sneaker seems to show no signs of slowing down any time soon. To this day, as soon as these shoes hit the stores they fly off the shelves.

Air Force 1’s

1.) Last but not least, in our list is arguably the most classic sneaker of all time. It seems like everyone has a pair of these: the “Nike Air Force 1”. Need I say more? This shoe goes with anything and is an essential addition to anyone’s wardrobe. The white or black colorway is one of the most prominent configurations in today’s era. As this shoe grew in popularity it was mentioned in song lyrics, movies and throughout many other forms of media. The Nike Air Force 1 holds a special place in my heart, but it also holds a special place in pop culture and fashion history.


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