Fashion Trends of 2022-2023

Written by: Tavoun Cobbs-Newman

Ones appearance is always important to those trying to stand out. What is easier than touring your preference and creativeness to your style than fashion? With countless aspects being accounted for in the world of fashion, with hair, accessories and overall outfit being looked at, your everyday wear can be apart of trends.

Comfort clothing has become a big trend this year. With brands like “Fear of God: Essentials” becoming very popular, it offered a very distinct look and became a big face of comfort wear within the year.


This trend has been around for years, but always seem to be the first option when choosing a style/aesthetic. Streetwear is seen within numerous labels that produce streetwear clothing. This can be a mixture of jackets, sneakers, hoodies, jeans, and sweats. One of the more prevalent styles out currently, street wear is a favorite to most.


The fashion trend of a more utility look also known as tactical, has been dated to some years ago. The trend uses cargo pants and jackets. Those who go for tactical poise can even incorporate ski masks too. Making this person wearing it be portrayed as a tactician ready for combat.


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