Spring Fling Fashion Review 2022-2023

Written by: Tauvon Cobbs-Newman

With finals slowly but surely approaching, students have a full week of fun and no worries planned. Lincoln University’s annual spring fling has recently passed, and our peers in our community have made it their mission to look as good as possible. Not only did we make sure to make memories with our friends, but made sure to look fashionable while doing so. In this spring fling 2023 fashion review, we will look back and view our most memorable and creative outfits this year.

The first student chosen for the spring fling fashion review is Camryn Harrell. She is a fellow student at the illustrious Lincoln University. We then had her explain her look that she was heading for. “My initial look for this outfit was to go for an illusionary style. The colors and print within this outfit, was to make it look out of the ordinary.”

Camryn Harrell

Our next interviewee is Tye Spence. He’s a fellow lion in our den and a sophomore. We asked what went into him creating his outfit and he proceeded to say “While picking this outfit out I went for more of a simplistic look. Not having my entire outfit pop but instead only a few.”

Tyree Spence

A senior at Lincoln University, Drucilla Lindsay love for fashion gives a look sperate from others. When asked about her overall aesthetic she proceeded to say “my overall aesthetic is more of a European style. With flowy or baggy clothes makes for more comfortability.”

Drucilla Lindsay

Daniella Moriss, currently a freshman at Lincoln University, spoke to us about how she incorporates bright colors into her outfits. “A touch of a bright color is great? It’s not too much and it’s not too little either. This makes the outfit to be simple but add a pop to it.”

Daniella Moriss

A senior at Lincoln University Lamaj Curry has a style that some would consider “out there.” When Lamaj is creating outfits he doesn’t necessarily focus on colors, he tries to be more innovative with his outfit choices. “I think it’s simply because I like to be different from others. Standing out is more of my style but making it my own kind of style.”

Lamaj Curry

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