Written by Tauvon Cobbs-Newman
When you take a walk around the LU campus, it is common to see students wearing some of the latest releases from brand name fashion companies. Other times they have reliable fits that help them be comfortable as they go about their daily responsibilities. In this article we will be discussing the 5 most beloved fashion pieces worn by students across the illustrious Lincoln University this spring. We interviewed 5 Lincoln students to talk about their favorite fashion items and why they love them so much.

The Tote Bag (Marc Jacobs)- Siya William-West
Siya, a senior here at Lincoln University. Was asked “What other activities do you use your tote bag for?” She
went on to say, “Its’ cute and it’s very durable. I use it for a lot of things like travel, school and simply for fashion.”

Yeezy slides- Kadien Groves
Lincoln senior Kadien Groves showed us his Yeezy slides and talked about they they are his favorite item. “They feel like I’m walking on a cloud. Definitely one of the most comfortable shoes”

Telfar Bag- Khiya Punters
Khiya was our second interviewee in this week’s fashion . We asked the fellow lioness “Why is the teller bag your favorite bag in your collection?” She proceeded to say “Its my travel bag! its shiny, spacious and its black owned!”

Crocs -Asha Gunter
Asha is a huge fan of crocs and owns numerous pairs. Ranging from a variety of colors, she couldn’t just only buy one pair. Asha was asked “What makes the croc slipper your first choice when choosing an outfit?” She replied “The crocs are my go to shoe for a lot of reasons. Not only are they comfortable and easy to put on, but they are fun to wear.”

Doc Martens- Jianna Anderson
We spoke with Jianna. She is a huge fan and owner of a pair of Doc Martens boots. Our question to her was “Why are Doc Martens an essential wear In your wardrobe?” She responded, “They are essential because they give my outfit that pop that I always need. I love a good chunky shoe and I love how they accentuate my body and outfit at the same time. and they’re so durable
and last forever.”


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