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Black History Month: Making your own story.

  It has been about a week since the month of February has begun. The first day of the month was not treated like any...

Lincoln Almunus on PBS


The 6th Man Has Spirit, What About You?

By: Tasha Saint-Louis If you have attended any recent sports events on Lincoln’s campus, you’ll notice that there is a new dynamic to the student...

Is Kaepernick A Hypocrite?

the lincolnian

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The LU-411


The LU 411 page is the spot to keep abreast of current LU affairs. From student businesses, to on-campus events, to academic affairs, keep...

Pop Culture/Lifestyle

Everyone loves Instagram

By Ashley N. Williams      From late 2011 until now, iPhone users have been downloading the picture-friendly application called Instagram which was initially...

The Return of Ziana

Marvin Gregg After months of talking and a long and almost disappointing wait, the oldest and the boldest has returned. The oldest Non-Greek Organization Ziana...

Former Cosby Show Producer Paying Visit to Lincoln

By Nicole Webb A pioneering television executive  who worked on The Cosby Show will speak with students at The Lincoln University on March 5, 2014. Stacy...

Onyx Wins Philly Dance Competition

By Asia A. Black Lincoln University’s very own Onyx Dance Troupe took home a first place trophy from a dance competition in Philadelphia. “As much as...

‘Islamaphobia’- Are you afraid of Islam?

By: Ashley Reding Lincoln University’s department of Philosophy and Religion hosted the forum titled, “Islam and ‘Islamaphobia’” this past Monday in Grim hall auditorium. Melvin Leaman,...

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