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Campus & Community

Black History Month: Making your own story.

  It has been about a week since the month of February has begun. The first day of the month was not treated like any...

The Return of Ziana


Constructing a Dream

Change Starts Now

Eating Well


Views From The U

Constructing a Dream

Marvin Gregg An Organization that was birthed from nothing but a dream… Reconstruction is a step team as well as one of the newest additions to...



By: Michael Howard Last night The Lincoln University Lions rallied together to bring home their second straight win on their home court with a score...

Thomas Leads the Lions

the lincolnian

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The LU-411

Official men’s & women’s basketball schedules

Lions basketball schedule Men’s: 2017-18 schedule Women's: 2017-18 schedule

The New Mass Communications Staff

By Marquis Butler     Meet Professor Haywood, a fellow HBCU graduate who loves to take the chance to give back to the world's future leaders. During...

College Jeopardy Contestant Test!!

Do you think you have what it takes to become a contestant on Jeopardy? Take the College Online Test to find out! Get a...

Pop Culture/Lifestyle

Lincoln U. giving students a break

By Ashley Williams   After years of not being able to enjoy the kickoff of the spring season, Lincoln students will finally have the opportunity to...

Senior Class Trip Cancelled as efforts are made for Senior Week not to suffer...

By Carl Vulcain The graduating class at The Lincoln University will be without a class trip for the first time in recent memory. The main...

Artist Spotlight: Dondria

By Alston Johnson    In 2008, singer Dondria Fields, also known by  her Youtube fans as ‘Phatfffat’, posted her first video  her YouTube channel....

Lincoln University Sets Tuition, Room and Board Increases

  By Jocelyn Haslon At the last Board of Trustees meeting on Feb. 8th it was announced that there will be a tuition increase of 2...

Swing Phi Swing: Benevolence Is More Than Just Black and White

By Paige Mitchell Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship Incorporated is actively making a positive impact on campus and the community this school year. Back on Saturday,...
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