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I Got the Job, But I’m Not Allowed to Work

Taylor Murphy Many Lincoln University students have the ability to reap the benefits of work study, but are limited to the types of employment due...


The 6th Man Has Spirit, What About You?

By: Tasha Saint-Louis If you have attended any recent sports events on Lincoln’s campus, you’ll notice that there is a new dynamic to the student...

Is Kaepernick A Hypocrite?

the lincolnian

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The LU-411


The LU 411 page is the spot to keep abreast of current LU affairs. From student businesses, to on-campus events, to academic affairs, keep...

Pop Culture/Lifestyle

The Strange Things About the Johnsons

By Sandra Glover The highly controversial short film “The Strange Things About the Johnsons” has caused an internet frenzy. The short film debuted in 2011 at...

Love, Lust and Lies: The Tale of a Twisted Fantasy

By: Tanisha Morris The sold-out show that was scheduled to start at 7pm began almost an hour late.  However, many students said the performance...

LU senior’s films to be screened tonight in Philadelphia

For The Lincolnian Senior Tyreece Powell says film director and producer Spike Lee is his role model. “Spike Lee made his first movie by the time...

The Quad

By Karanah Knight BET’s The Quad depicts everyday life while living on campus at an HBCU. The show is centered around an HBCU but touches on...

Juicy J’s performance a hit—just too late and too short

By Andreas Roberts, Briana McKellery and Amanda Fields The Lincolnian The performance by rapper Juicy J on Saturday night excited fans and left them wanting more—much...

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