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One Month Later and Still No Grade

by Trejha Whitfield “We took the test last week, when will I see my grade?” After four years in college I am still asking this...


The 6th Man Has Spirit, What About You?

By: Tasha Saint-Louis If you have attended any recent sports events on Lincoln’s campus, you’ll notice that there is a new dynamic to the student...

Is Kaepernick A Hypocrite?

the lincolnian

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The LU-411


The LU 411 page is the spot to keep abreast of current LU affairs. From student businesses, to on-campus events, to academic affairs, keep...

Pop Culture/Lifestyle


By: Sandra Glover When April Reign started the hash tag #OscarsSoWhite on twitter she did not know the altitude that it will draw attention to...

Ziana Fashion Club host ‘Outer Limits’ for Homecoming

By Alicia Brown Ziana Fashion Club hosted their 28th annual Midnight fashion show during Homecoming. In 1985, Ziana fashion club was founded at Lincoln University making its...

Beyoncé has Cancelled

By Marla Carter In exactly a month the Coachella Festival will be kicking off, but resale rates has skyrocketed after Beyoncé has announced she will...

Record Label Coming to Lincoln to Find Talent

By Tanisha Morris New independent record label, Phire Music, is coming to Lincoln University to find their next new artist. Phire Music will be holding...

The Quad

By Karanah Knight BET’s The Quad depicts everyday life while living on campus at an HBCU. The show is centered around an HBCU but touches on...

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