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Campus & Community

The Return of Ziana

Marvin Gregg After months of talking and a long and almost disappointing wait, the oldest and the boldest has returned. The oldest Non-Greek Organization Ziana...

Constructing a Dream

Change Starts Now

Eating Well


Views From The U

“Agricultural Makeup:” An Opinon Piece on Mass Comm Week

By Rashard Roles Mass Comm Week was extremely interesting. Even before it started I could tell it would be unlike any other Mass Comm Week that...

Who Rocks the Mic?



By: Michael Howard Last night The Lincoln University Lions rallied together to bring home their second straight win on their home court with a score...

Thomas Leads the Lions

the lincolnian

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The LU-411

Official men’s & women’s basketball schedules

Lions basketball schedule Men’s: 2017-18 schedule Women's: 2017-18 schedule

The New Mass Communications Staff

By Marquis Butler     Meet Professor Haywood, a fellow HBCU graduate who loves to take the chance to give back to the world's future leaders. During...

College Jeopardy Contestant Test!!

Do you think you have what it takes to become a contestant on Jeopardy? Take the College Online Test to find out! Get a...

Pop Culture/Lifestyle


  By Tasha Saint-Louis The most star-studded event of the season, the 2017 Oscars, left viewers on the edge of their seats from the speeches changeling...

‘Lions Give Back’ during day of service

By Veronica Carr For the Lincolnian Cleaning an old church might not be a typical way to spend a Saturday, but several Lincoln University students did...

‘Swag’ opens doors, Bentley tells students

By Veronica Carr For The Lincolnian What is “swag?" To Fonzworth Bentley, who spoke to a packed crowd of students and faculty Tuesday night in the International...

First Parent Association Meeting shows promise

By Rickiea Cohen On March 10th, the first parent association meeting took place on family and friends day in the Mary Dod Brown Memorial Chapel...

Celebrating Whitney Houston

By Rickiea Cohen The sudden death of musical pop icon Whitney Houston at the age of 48, left some shocked and in disbelief and others...
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