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Our Dear Old CREAM and Blue?

By Jamila Jacob Last evening, social media was buzzing with comments from mostly disgruntled Lincoln University students on a seemingly unwelcome change on the Pennsylvania...

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Graduation Approaching

LU Spring Fling Yard Show

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A Responsibility I Take Seriously By President Barack Obama

A Responsibility I Take Seriously By President Barack Obama The Constitution vests in the President the power to appoint judges to the Supreme Court. It’s...


The Lions Get Off To a Good Start

  By Michael Howard Lincoln Lion’s baseball season continues to it heat up as the team sets a Lincoln University record. The Lions pitching staff made a...

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Pop Culture/Lifestyle

SGA Campaigning Underway

By Tanisha Morris One of the most anticipated events of the spring semester is the Student Government Association campaigning process. However, this year, the campaigning...

Coming to America: Study-abroad students make Lincoln University their choice

By Frederico Ghelli Some college students, especially from other nations, sometimes feel the need to leave their countries and engage in an experience abroad to...

Jay Mohr Drags Cox in Custody War

  By Aliyah Roberts Actor Jay Mohr filed divorce from his estranged wife Nikki Cox again! Mohr was happily in love but it seemed to be trouble...

NYPD chief, Lincoln alumnus Banks motivates students

By Briana McKellery The Lincolnian Phillip Banks III, an alumnus of The Lincoln University and now New York City police chief, encouraged students Thursday to never...

The Often Untold Story of Hip-Hop

By: Nicole Webb   Yesterday, as a part of this week’s Spring Fling event’s, Student Government Association, in affiliation with the university’s Lecture & Recitals Committee,...