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Friday Feature: Interim PR Director- Eric Webb

By Ivana Whitfield Multitasking between a phone call, sending an email and searching for dates, the new Interim Director of Public Relations and Communications has...

Campus Sit-In


The 6th Man Has Spirit, What About You?

By: Tasha Saint-Louis If you have attended any recent sports events on Lincoln’s campus, you’ll notice that there is a new dynamic to the student...

Is Kaepernick A Hypocrite?

the lincolnian

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The LU-411


The LU 411 page is the spot to keep abreast of current LU affairs. From student businesses, to on-campus events, to academic affairs, keep...

Pop Culture/Lifestyle

Juicy J’s performance a hit—just too late and too short

By Andreas Roberts, Briana McKellery and Amanda Fields The Lincolnian The performance by rapper Juicy J on Saturday night excited fans and left them wanting more—much...

Spring Fling Recap

By: Ashley Reding Despite a series of activities that led to 19 arrests, most people were satisfied with Spring Fling weekend. Spring Fling, which was from...

Is Beyoncé Just Recently Pro- Black, or Have We Just Not Been Paying Attention?

  By: Danielle Groomes Beyoncé channels an African goddess in her 2017 Grammy performance, but is this her first time using her platform to show she...

Lincolnian Artist Spotlight: eMeX

By Alston Johnson Matthew Walker also known as eMeX (pronounced M-X) is an up and coming hip-hop artist from Baltimore, who attends Howard University. With mind-blowing...

Spring Break is Finally Here!

By Timothy Alston   The prayers for a quick break from books, studying and endless lecturing have finally been answered for Lincoln University students. After a...

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