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Life at Sea: Curry, Chaos and Curiosity in India

  By Chanel Watson I have had 5 adventurous days in a country that triggers all 5 of your senses. Imagine the smell of spices and...


The 6th Man Has Spirit, What About You?

By: Tasha Saint-Louis If you have attended any recent sports events on Lincoln’s campus, you’ll notice that there is a new dynamic to the student...

Is Kaepernick A Hypocrite?

the lincolnian

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The LU-411


The LU 411 page is the spot to keep abreast of current LU affairs. From student businesses, to on-campus events, to academic affairs, keep...

Pop Culture/Lifestyle

iPhone 8 Creates Cabin Fever

By Onika Palmer Apple’s  iPhone 8 creates a stir crazy reaction amongst the nation, a phone that will be more than $1,000 has everyone pressed! The...

The Hut

By: Tasha Saint- Louis Here at Lincoln University, students are encouraged to push envelopes and create their own legacies. Students have been able to create...

Beyoncé has Cancelled

By Marla Carter In exactly a month the Coachella Festival will be kicking off, but resale rates has skyrocketed after Beyoncé has announced she will...

The Road to Miss CIAA

Miss CIAA Food Lion Feeds Ft. Tamia Casey Miss Lincoln University PA 2018-2019

Everyone loves Instagram

By Ashley N. Williams      From late 2011 until now, iPhone users have been downloading the picture-friendly application called Instagram which was initially...

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