Embracing the Convenience and Comfort in Apartment Style Living (ASL)

Written by Marcus Fequiere

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Towards the end of the spring semester, returning students at Lincoln University are excited to
apply for Apartment Style Living otherwise known as ASL or the new. As someone who has lived in apartments for several years, I and other students can attest to the many benefits of this style of living.

Lincoln University of PA’s most recent residential hall, Apartment Style Living (ASL), was inaugurated in 2005 and can accommodate 406 upper class students. ASL comprises of suites
ranging from 1-5 bedrooms, each equipped with a furnished everyday living room area, a kitchenette with a sink and cabinets, and 1-2 bathrooms depending on the number of bedrooms.

Also, the suites come with central air conditioning units managed from the communal living
room. ASL also boasts of lounges on each floor for the residents to socialize and unwind. From personal experience. I would say the best part of ASL is the single bedroom. It provides the space to unplug, refresh and get ready for the next day. Junior CA (Community Advisor),
community advisor, Anya B. says, “It gives me a sense of privacy.” College students are under
pressure constantly from their academics, The new provides them with a safe and secure space to be at peace. Senior Psych Major, Bria also said that having her own space gave her a different level of comfort and privacy.

ASL has an additional outstanding attribute; the central air conditioning unit. Furthermore, the first floor houses a spacious kitchen. That kitchen not only brings ASL Residents great food, but it also attracts entrepreneurs, selling their food to students on campus. Speaking of central air, with Lincoln University’s location in the northeast, specifically in Oxford, PA. When it is cold, it is very cold. And when it is hot, it is ridiculously hot. The central air unit gives the students the temperature they choose, with their thermometers in every living room in the building.

Location is a big selling point when it comes to the new. Located towards the back side of campus, but significantly closer to the classrooms on campus. Anya B. says that “The new is closer to all my classes then the other dorms.” One of its closest buildings is Dickey Hall. Dickey so happens to be home to the IT Office. The Internet is the fastest on campus in ASL. Dickey is also home to separate entities such as The Lincubator, providing students with entrepreneurial and internship opportunities in a convenient location. The history of the new is just as important as the present. Lincoln Alum Jelani Fasion said he “wish he had ASL when he was student here.” It would have made his experience 10 times better.

With the other dorms on campus, they do not offer the same security and relaxation as ASL does. Offering double, triple, and even quadruple rooms to students. They are cramped and uncomfortable. Not being able to control the temperature on their own, having to share a bathroom, with a whole floor of residents. And limited washers and dryers to clean clothes, which is also shared amongst the whole building. ASL grants its students privacy by placing two
separate bathrooms, with showers in both, for all dorm rooms and a laundry room, and massive washers and dryers to accommodate many students.

When asked if he would recommend ASL to students that have yet to experience the superior
living spaces, Sophomore Jordan H stated “Of course, the new is easily the best dorm on campus, I am staying here until I graduate.” Anyia said she would hate to live in another dorm this late in her time at Lincoln University.

In conclusion, ASL or “the new” is a meaningful change for Lincoln University of PA students. With its luxurious suites, central air conditioning units, and proximity to essential campus buildings, it is no wonder returning students are excited to apply for a chance to live there. The single bedrooms in each suite provide a much-needed sense of privacy and comfort, while the spacious lounges and communal kitchens offer the perfect atmosphere for socializing and community building. ASL is an excellent example of how modern living spaces can provide both convenience and comfort to college students. Overall, it is safe to say that ASL is an excellent choice for any student who wants to enjoy the benefits of apartment-style living.


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