Written by Phillip Divon and Soy Littman

Photo taken by Phillip Divon

On Thursday January 19th, we discovered a special dessert eatery in Lincoln University’s Student Union Building called Milk’ed. With bright colors and fragrant smells, it was great to discover that Milk’ed offers waffles and ice cream. Before we made a choice, we discussed the menu with the servers and what the most popular item is that students order. Milked brings the campus community with their delicious menu and great customer service. We came to learn that the Classic Oreo Milkshake was the most popular item and gave it a try. Once the blender did its job of creating and combining the ingredients the servers then topped the milkshake off with a swirl of whip cream. This milkshake contained the perfect mixture of Oreo pieces and vanilla ice cream. There are also other topping options that are displayed in the front of the store that you can pick as you please. Overall, this is a great spot and we highly recommend that you check it out!

Photos taken by Phillip Divon


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