Tuesday, October 26

Ziana Fashion Club host ‘Outer Limits’ for Homecoming

By Alicia Brown Ziana Fashion Club hosted their 28th annual Midnight fashion show during Homecoming.

In 1985, Ziana fashion club was founded at Lincoln University making its mark as the only fashion club on campus.

“We are known for brining style and fashion to Lincoln’s campus, It’s important to continue the ritual of hosting an event during homecoming. Lincoln University is based on Advancing the legacy and we wants to advance the legacy through fashion.” said Len’l Russell, president of Ziana.

This year, Ziana, based the theme of their show on creativity.  The board came up the theme of the event called, “The Outer Limits.”

 “A lot of people think inside of the box, we want to exceed limits that we would be expected to reach,” said Dion Robinson.

Class President of 2014, Alana Freeman said, “I expect the show to start on time, for it to be clean and classy I would like to get my money’s worth.”

“I expect the show to be amazing, I want to be amazed  and they better not fall, I want them to do great,” said Fantasia Bowzer 2014.

Vantage 1854 and Handwritten Inc., two clothing lines created on Lincoln University campus opened up for intermission, Former Alumni, had the chance to strut their stuff on stage during intermission.

Cheryl Jones-McLeod an Alumna and former president of Ziana was among the audience.

“The show was a good comeback, For the past few years I didn’t expect much from Ziana, compared to then and now, Ziana has gotten a lot better. In the past I didn’t get my money’s worth,” said Jones-McLeod Alumna class of 2002.

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