Ziana Fashion Club Celebrates its 30th Year

By Carl Vulcain

Ziana Fashion Club held a show to commemorate the club’s 30th Anniversary. The show was hosted by he newly crowned Miss Lincoln University and Ziana Fashion Club executive board member Kiara Jackson as well Carlton Wilhoit, also a member of the clubs executive board.

On April 7th, 2014 in the International Cultural Center at The Lincoln University, the show featured a complete package of runways and choreographed skit routines with set themes that matched the outfits including scenes entitled “Ellen Murphy”, “The Great Gatsby”, and “Burlesque”, among others.

“My favorite scene overall was the ‘Saw’ scene which took place after the intermission,” said Erin Washington, Ziana Fashion Club President. “Overall we had some challenges but as we always do we pulled it together with professionalism and class. Ziana Fashion Club will always be an organization that embodies class, professionalism, style, and fashion etiquette at it’s best.”

The show even featured a scene where Simone Wright, a member of the Ziana Fashion Club executive board performed a choreographed runway routine on roller skates, much to the awe of the crowd.

“It was a very nerve wracking experience because I had to relive a memory in Ziana history from a former president that also did a runway in skates,” said Simone Wright. “I skate frequently back home but to model while skating was so rare, and because I was doing something so different I figured I really had to execute it. But I had so much fun doing it and felt even better that everyone enjoyed it.”

During the show it was also revealed to the audience that the club is actually the University’s oldest non-Greek organization.

“It was a great show. Being that I am still a relatively new member I had no idea that Ziana had such a rich history on campus. All members should be proud,” said Isaac Addoh, class of 2014.

With the 30th Anniversary show behind them, the club has already began making plans for it’s annual Fall Homecoming show. News and updates for the club can be viewed on the club’s Instagram page @ZianaTheArmy.

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