Zelda Glenmore

My name is Zelda Glenmore and I hail from the nation’s capital, Washington, DC.  As a child growing up, I spent a lot of time taking road trips with my family.


A lot of the memories that I have with my cousins growing up are of us visiting family in Virginia and North and South Carolina. Every summer especially, we would load up my grandfather’s old van and head to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  It was something like a family tradition for everyone to travel together. We would stay at cheap hotels and eat all types of unhealthy foods. As my family traveled from Washington, DC to South Carolina, we would make mini stops along the way. It was during these times that I learned the importance and significance of traveling and meeting new people. It was then that I learned that we as people are unique because we are all different in our own way. I did not understand at the time that these trips as a child would fuel my desire to travel now. I have had the opportunity to travel many places along the East Coast including the beautiful city of New York. I have also visited the countryside of Kentucky and the suburban areas of Virginia. I have even been fortunate enough to travel abroad to both Beijing, China and Johannesburg, South Africa. In China, I spent six weeks learning Mandarin Chinese and immersing myself in the Chinese culture. In South Africa, I spent six months taking core curriculum courses, as well as living and learning about the country of South Africa. Studying abroad allowed me the opportunity to see the world in a way in which I had never seen before. It was in South Africa where I learned how to be more receptive to other cultures. Today, I am able to say that there are things that I take from both countries and I apply those things to my everyday life. On this journey to Jamaica I hope to gain knowledge that I can apply to both my personal and professional lives. I am excited to travel abroad to Jamaica as I always thought that there would have been my first international travel destination. Clearly, I was wrong. However, I do see this travel opportunity as one like no other. I am excited for the chance to learn and embrace a new culture.  This travel venture would certainly be one to broaden my outlook on life, as already through traveling, I have been able to learn so much about myself, my community and the world around me.




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