Tuesday, January 18

You’ve graduated! Now what?

By Briana McKellery

The Lincolnian

College is often where you spend some of your best years of your life making friends, joining organizations, studying interesting things and maybe finding the love of your life.

But when it’s over, many students are left with a world of questions about what to do next with their lives.

Students typically have two options: Find a job or go to graduate school for a master’s degree.

“I plan to go to graduate school as soon as I graduate so that everything is still freshly embedded in my mind, said Cynthia Johnson, a senior wholl graduate in spring 2014.

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“I plan on majoring in chemical engineering, then take a career in personal care products, then one day start my own business,” Johnson said.

Like Johnson, some students find it imperative and more beneficial to immediately enroll in graduate school to use their major to its full potential.

Many students take on undergraduate majors that require them to get a higher degree to survive the job market.

Erika Bell, who graduated in spring 2013, is a medical assistant at a mental health clinic. She said she plans to enroll in graduate school by fall 2014 or no later than spring 2015.

“It took me about three and a half months to find a real job, Bell said. “I do plan to enroll in graduate school, but I wanted to wait a year and work and save up and be able to have a job while in school.”

For some it is difficult to find a job because in today’s economy few employers are hiring, jobs are in short supply, and starting pay is often low. Some jobs require more than a bachelors degree.

“I want to be a physical therapist, but I need to be licensed and I also need to be licensed to be a physical therapist assistant, so it is a little harder getting into a job like that without the proper education or credentials,” Bell said.

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