Wednesday, October 27

Wright Hall Right on Track

By Jocelyn Halson

This semester will mark the second of use for the newly renovated Wright Hall.

Wright Hall was first built in 1959 and it was the first structure to be constructed by the Commonwealth for Lincoln University. The building was a part of a project set through the Department of General Services for Pennsylvania.

The DGS is one of the largest operating agencies in Pennsylvania state government. According to the DGS website, the agency “oversees procurement of goods and services, manages non-highway capital projects and is responsible for numerous core operations of state government.”

Wright Hall became eligible for renovation under DGS Project No. 1101-41, along with the university’s Langston Hughes Memorial Library. Negotiations for the renovations had been going on since 2005. Bids started for funding of the renovations on April 1, 2010 and construction started in June of the same year, according to Lincoln’s website.

Lincoln’s psychical plant department, according to the website, is “responsible for the maintenance of the University’s buildings and supporting systems, housekeeping and grounds services, motor pool, minor capital improvements, and monitoring vendor performance against contract requirements.” The Psychical Plant took on the renovations of Wright Hall and called it Project Management.

Project Management detailed the renovations of Wright Hall. According to documentation detailing Project Management, the building gained a new roof, upgraded classrooms, offices, and operating space. The propane service to the building was converted to natural gas. The electrical distribution and building lighting was upgraded. Proper fire protection and life safety services were provided along with repairs to leaks, aging interior furnishings and equipment. The project replaced the windows and upgraded the building façade.

Lincoln University’s students were able to enjoy the new Wright Hall for the first time on their first day of school in August of 2012.

Wright Hall now holds the university’s Learning Resource Center, Office of Student Support, and Career Services.

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