Thursday, October 28

Who Rocks the Mic?

Marvin Gregg


It seems like the hot topic old school vs. New school Hip Hop has come back to the surface. For the past couple of months various old school hip-hop artists have given their intake on the new artist of hip-hop both negative and positive. However one comment stuck with everyone for a while and even created what I guess you can say a “genre”; Mumble Rap.

Mumble rap is when a rapper makes music with lyrics very difficult to understand. Others like to call mumble rap when rappers mumble incoherent absolute garbage for an entire song. Whatever they like to call it our generation seems to love it. Artist that fit into that category are Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, Young Dolph and the list continues.

Debates like this always seem to emerge onto the surface from time to time when hip-hop seems to take a sudden turn when a new style of rap comes to Light. Recently, Old school rappers Mad Skillz and Pete Rock made comments that a few artists just couldn’t let slide.

Pete Rock made a comment towards Rapper Waka Flocka who recently stated in an interview that he felt as if he was the Nas or Jay Z of his generation. He stated

“Im gonna defend my older heads and tell you you’re not equal. Be as disrespectful as you want. You’re not doing what we did, haven’t accomplished what we accomplished. Our generation didn’t experiment with pills or syrup or anything synthetic. Its already written in history. Rock n Roll hall of fame, hip-hop hall of fame and museums. Where are you at in any of that? The problem is you never had respect from the jump. WE ARE THE REASON YOUR WHO YOU ARE AND DO WHATEVER IT IS YOUR DOING! Pay homage to who was before you. Problem is also y’all want us to accept music that don’t move nothing but the young, when you making music it’s to inspire everyone not just your era”.

Mad Skillz went to twitter to state…


Rapper 21 Savage was one of the artists that had to give his feed back as well as address the situation with the old school artists who have negative opinions about their work. He wanted to know why is it that all of the “OG Rappers” are criticizing something they were once great at instead of helping out or saving the art that they feel is dying. He also wants to know since all of the Old school hip-hop artist feel like everything that the new artist are putting out is garbage. Why is it that Rap is the number one genre of music right now? That’s a conversation that many overlook at the dinner table.

21 Savage full statement is below,


Rapper T.I. chimed in on the topic and agreed with 21 Savage stating

“ Regardless of the subject matter…This is THEY TIME. Couldn’t nobody tell us how to run ours,or make us sound how they thought we should… Live ya life & do ya stuff young’n,” he wrote, “Just bare with us,&try to understand …. y’all kinda different & take some getting used to. As the elders gotta understand they’re SUCCESS JUSTIFIES the CHANGE. The Numbers DONT LIE!!!”


If only the old school rappers who aren’t too fond of our generations style of rap could understand that even today rappers are finding a way to move their audience. As well as get the message across. According to a report from Nielsen Music Hip-Hop is responsible for 25.1% of all music consumption in the U.S. This is a major celebration for the hip-hop community since this is the first time in history an accomplishment this great has happened. So why is It that many previous rappers can’t understand that for a craft to evolve it must grow and explore.


Maybe they do understand but instead they are not ready to accept the fact that it is no longer them who rocks the mic.

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