Tuesday, November 30

Where Is The State When You Need It?

By Evan Stephens
Lincoln University has yet to receive the state appropriations from the government. This delay does not only concern Lincoln University, but the entire state of Pennsylvania as well. 
Fortunately the Lincoln staff has taken measures to assure that the University will not suffer as a result of the actions from the state. Vice President of Fiscal Affairs, Charles Gradowski said, “We monitor our money very closely. We make sure that everyone is paid and that our bills are paid. We have flows of cash coming in to the University whether the state appropriations are passed or not,” he added.
As to where these states appropriations would go, Mr. Gradowski stated they would go towards paying students bills for the summer months when they have gone. “…[Students] leave at the end of April/beginning of May and I have to pay people from May to August”. 
State Appropriations – Money set aside for a specific purpose.
Revenue Package – The decisions and methods that the government decides on using to pay for their expenses for the year. This includes the forms of income that they receive.
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