Wednesday, October 27

What’s Next for Lions Athletics?

By: Michael Howard

The Lincoln University athletics department has gone through some new changes, especially pertaining to their athletic building and even some administrative changes. The Lions athletics have brought in a new coach. New change of scenery to their performance system and now there is even a new athletic director. With the new additions added to Lions family they are looking to answer the question… “What’s next for the program?” Hopefully change for the better. With the interim athletic director Anthony Pla now in charge, he is someone who looks to always do his best to bring the best out of the program since he has been there. When asked about receiving this new position Pla replied;

“I’m very excited, it is something I always had a thought of doing. Just being here in this position I would love to lead this program to turn over a new leaf and head in the right direction.”- Pla

With the addition of the new athletic director there is also a new men’s basketball coach. The new men’s team will be led by former NBA player Doug Overton. Overton is looking to lead the Lions men’s team into a new light taking over for former coach John Hill. Coach Overton and his coaching staff hope to bring a new type of style and mindset to the basketball program hoping to lead them to a record winning season as he continues his tenure here at the university. Furthermore, pertaining to athletics there is a new access to the athletic training facility.

The training facility has added a state of the art weight room, which allows players to train almost all day/ everyday. Several athletes also are excited about some of the new perks that are provided on campus. Sophomore Chris Gil a constant user of the performance center feels very delighted to have access to something so beneficial.

“It is great, coming from where I’m from we do not have any access to anything like that. It is a blessing to come here faithfully and get better each day, you see other schools posting their pictures, now it may feel like I can be one of those guys.”- Chris Gil

These new changes to the program are only just the beginning. The best part about it is that things are looking bright for the program. New coaching staff, a new athletic director and better access for the players to succeed each and every day. This is one step closer for the Lions athletics to being able to compete with other teams and keep that competitive edge.

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