Tuesday, November 30

University Delays Grand Openings of KFC & BRB

By Keyarnna Davis


Lincoln University students have been anticipating the grand opening of vendors Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and Be Right Burger (BRB) in the Thurgood Marshall Living Learning Center Cafeteria.

However, the openings of KFC and BRB have been delayed from their anticipated March 18th grand opening due to delayed health inspections and Oxford fire marshal approval.

James Cuerton, Unit Manager for Thompson Hospitality Dining Services, the dining services that administers the university’s dining facilities, stated that the staff was ready for the original anticipated opening.

“We were ready to serve the food,” stated Cuerton. “[However,] we are [currently] waiting on the Health Department and fire marshals to say we’re clear [to officially open].”

Lamont Walker, General Manager of Thompson Hospitality Dining Services, explained the reasoning’s behind the unexpected delay in the opening.

“We passed health inspection on Wednesday. The reason why it took longer was because of our [issues with] the machine dishwasher; we needed approval for that before we could officially open our additional services. It was frustrating,” explained Walker. The general manager also stated that maintenance was coming to fix the machine on Monday or Tuesday of the upcoming week.

Student worker Hallodeen Harris explained that Thompson Hospitality has already been preparing its staff for the opening of the cafeteria’s newest additions.

“They’ve [been] training me to work there,” Harris said. “It seems easy to work over there because it only requires knowledge of how to use the university flex dollars and cash; not the meal plan”.

Although the KFC and BRB are new additions to the LLC Cafeteria, there are others who disagree with the new additions.

“I feel as though [we] shouldn’t open KFC and BRB when the main cafeteria still needs work,” stated Norman Goodson, a student of The Lincoln University and employee of Thompson Hospitality Dining Services.

KFC and BRB was rescheduled to open on April 2, 2014 and will be available to the university on April 9, 2014.

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