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Mass Comm Students Sound off on Mass Comm Week 2017

The week of March 20th through March 24th, the Mass Communication Department held its fourth annual Mass Communications week featuring a slew of guests...

Life At Sea: Japan is #Woke

  By Chanel Watson   Kobe seems like a beautiful place, but I will never actually know. As soon as the ship docked in Japan, I was...

Life at Sea: Curry, Chaos and Curiosity in India

  By Chanel Watson I have had 5 adventurous days in a country that triggers all 5 of your senses. Imagine the smell of spices and...

Why Moonlight’s Win is So Important

By Tasha Saint-Louis On February 26th at the 89th Annual Academy Awards, Moonlight made history as the first LGBTQ film and film with an all-black...

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