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Views From The U

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Views from the U

Who Rocks the Mic?

Marvin Gregg   It seems like the hot topic old school vs. New school Hip Hop has come back to the surface. For the past couple...

The Return of Ziana

Marvin Gregg After months of talking and a long and almost disappointing wait, the oldest and the boldest has returned. The oldest Non-Greek Organization Ziana...

Constructing a Dream

Marvin Gregg An Organization that was birthed from nothing but a dream… Reconstruction is a step team as well as one of the newest additions to...

Change Starts Now

Marvin Gregg They always say,  “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”.       The coordinator of Student life and Development Tiffani Brown...

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2018 Class Trip

Yadira Johnson The graduating Class of 2018 are in for a tidal wave of Caribbean experience to the Dominican Republic and a week full of...

Who Rocks the Mic?

The Return of Ziana

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