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Views from the U

Under The Bus: World Refugee Day

My travel to Europe was eye-opening in many ways. I learned about new cultures, peoples, history, language and I uncovered a lot about my...

Study Abroad: Attaining a wider perspective

by Jamila Jacob   The ability to travel, both domestically and internationally, is one of the greatest privileges a human could have. Traveling, especially internationally is...

Black History Month: Making your own story.

  It has been about a week since the month of February has begun. The first day of the month was not treated like any...

2018 Class Trip

Yadira Johnson The graduating Class of 2018 are in for a tidal wave of Caribbean experience to the Dominican Republic and a week full of...

Recent Articles

Pull Up to the First: A Recap of Mass Communications Week

Aisja Cunningham Last week marked this year Mass Communications Week, an annual week dedicated to enhancing Lincoln University students...
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