Tuesday, November 30

The Return of Ziana

Marvin Gregg

After months of talking and a long and almost disappointing wait, the oldest and the boldest has returned. The oldest Non-Greek Organization Ziana Fashion Club is back. After only a year of being inactive Ziana has returned and is getting straight to business. Ziana has been on Lincoln University’s campus for 34 years. The organization is well known for their models vicious 7inch heel. There Annual Homecoming Fashion show which features clothing lines from Lincoln and Ziana alumni. Its Fashion Forward Thursday which all the members of the organization dress in a unique trend/look for that day and of course being the only fashion club on campus.

Ziana consists of models, members, hairstylist, makeup artist and fashion consultants. It is furthermore an organization that takes fashion very serious. Ziana has always been a campus favorite they have never been afraid to push things over the edge during their performances. As well as never been terrified to rip the runway. Lately Ziana has been popping up here and there at events on campus leaving the students wondering when will Ziana have their first event since their return? Luckily, I could get a hold of Ziana’s 2017-2018 President and Senior Danielle Groomes so she can give me a little more insight on the return of Ziana.


How does being the president of the Oldest Non-Greek Organization make you feel?

“Being the president of Ziana makes me feel accomplished. I worked very hard for the position and for alumni to feel like I was worth enough to carry the organization is a great feeling”

How does it feel being the president to bring Ziana back make you feel?

“It’s hard Being the president to make us active again because we have administrators fighting against us but it makes me fight harder because Ziana is definitely worth the fight. I could not let the legacy die.


Why did you choose Ziana?

“I chose Ziana because of the shows I saw on YouTube and because I just loved the way they performed”

What differentiates Ziana from the other modeling troupes/organizations on campus?

Ziana is different from the modeling troupe because we are original. We come up with our own trends and our own show ideas and we take fashion seriously not just modeling and dancing.


Since Ziana became active in the middle of the semester what can the campus expect from you all next semester?

Can’t tell you everything but just look out because we will be traveling.


After getting a response as such and because I am a HUGE! Fan and supporter of the organization I cannot wait to see what the organization has in store because so far their season  has been off to a great start. From there pop up show at Varsity Leagues Pop Up shop, to their recent killer performance at Onyx’s annual Christmas showcase. Whatever the secret it I am sure the campus cannot wait.

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