The Quad

By Karanah Knight

BET’s The Quad depicts everyday life while living on campus at an HBCU.

The show is centered around an HBCU but touches on topics both specifically relevant to HBCUs and college campus in general.

Recently, the show has discussed rape on campus. In an episode, the President of Georgia A&M Dr. Eva Fletcher’s daughter Sydney Fletcher was sexual assaulted by the football team quarter back Terrence.

The assault was unknown until a student on campus security guard leaked the video.

The guard’s reason for doing so was because the school security often over looks situations involving sexual assault on the campus.

The video included Sydney Fletcher and the star quarter back of the football team, Terrance. Their were various different perspectives on the events that occurred that night.

Sydney was supposedly drinking at a frat party on campus and was having problems walking back to her dorm. Terrance offered to walk her to her dorm. While walking the two became flirty, innocently touching each other. Terrance assumed that Sydney wanted to do more, so they both fell into the bushes and that is where the assault began.

The video went viral, the campus split attempting to figure out if the incident was sexual assault or just two college students hooking up in the bushes.

The situation divided the campus, and encouraged Sydney to speak out about the incident.

Sydney finally had the courage and was able to talk what happened that night, all because of the choice the student made to leak the video.

The Quad depicts the ways in which students should handle situations and speak up if something is not right.

The Quad is the type of show we need on television. If interest in watching this episode, click here. 

Situation like rape are common on colleges campuses throughout the country, the Quad displays a realistic portrayal of a college campus.

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