Wednesday, October 27

the New Mr & Mrs. Lincoln University Are…

By Michael Howard

To kick off 2017 Spring Fling week, the new Mr. and Miss Lincoln, Tomell Harbison and Nile Garner, serving for the 2017-18 academic school year has been announced.

The pageant consisted of five amazing contestants who battled each other in three rounds (the auditory, talent round and the question round) to win the crown.

The contestants were Nile Garner, Tamarrin Johnson, Chinonye Agu, Jarrel Strong and Tomell Harbison.

In the end Harbison and Garner took home the title of the Mr and Miss. Lincoln.

The pageant was hosted by last years’ winners Kendall Gilbert and Janaya Joyner who did a great job representing the University at nation wide pageants, in the classroom and even just everyday social life while interacting on campus.

Each contestant did their best in answering questions and showing what they are capable of. Performances included tributes to Trayvon Martin, praise dances, tap dancing, pianist and some spoken word.

The competition was tough but only two could win the crown.

Runner up in the Mr. and Miss Lincoln pageant receive titles that compose the Royal Court.

Ms. Orange and Blue was given to Tamarrin Johnson (At the far right) who will represent the school colors. Mr and Miss. Legacy was granted to Jarrel Strong (pictured beside Tamarrin) and Chinonye Agu (pictured on the far left).

The Black Art Matters Talent show marks the first event that the Royal Court has hosted together.

Although these contestants did not win the title they were hoping for, hopefully they will bring the great passion that was illustrated on the stage into their new court positions.

When asked about their new acquired positions both Mr and Miss.Lincoln replied with different answers but both aiming for the same goal.

“I’m truly humbled to serve as your 26th Mister Lincoln University! I am so thankful and blessed for obtaining this prestigious title… To my court, I love you all and we are going to do some big things.” – Tomell Harbison

Furthermore, Harbison gave salute to his queen Nile Garner who will serve as Miss. Lincoln;

“It is truly going to be a great honor serving as your 44th Miss Lincoln University for 2017-18!!! I hope I can live up to all your expectations to give another wonderful year.”  – Nile Garner

The Lincoln University 2017-18 pageant was one for the ages. A time that allowed students of different backgrounds, styles, and of different genders to battle to be the faces of this prestigious university.

As of April 3 Harbison and Garner are now Mr and Miss Lincoln University for the 2017-18 academic school year, the student body awaits to see what is in store.

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