Tuesday, November 30

The Eric Andre Show: Destroys black stereotypes in the media

eric-andreTaysar Edwards

After years of struggling, Eric Andre, the sociopathic television talk host, finds his niche.

Eric Andre, who is now 33, struggled for years as a stand up comedian in his twenties. Majority of his work in standup were in New York and L.A. and while most look back on their twenties and rave about the memories, Andre describes that part of his life as “full of depression and anxiety.” It wasn’t until he discovered transcendental meditation, which he now practices twice a day, that he gained mental stability and was able to propose his dream. Shortly after he filming the pilot for a show, it got picked up by Adult Swim and become the Eric Andre show in 2009.

The show is now in its fourth season on Adult Swim. The main focus of the show is a “disinterested, sociopathic talk show host who tries his best to shock, disgust, and disarm the celebrities who visit, as well as the general public, who face the wrath of his on-the-street pranks.” The way the show is shot it throws its audience off guard and some even believe that, there’s no agenda to this show. However, in an interview with Fader Magazine, Andre stated “The show is very thought out, very deliberate. A lot of work goes into every single choice, every prop, every costume, and every editing choice. It’s meant to look like it’s off-the-cuff and about to break at any point, but its organized chaos.”

In the Fader interview Andre stated that his whole purpose of making this show was that he “wanted to prove to America that black people are the most diverse, creative group of people and we can express any way we want.” Andre feels that it is a new day, a new generation, for blacks and that we should look towards the future. Many people also believe that the show is such a success because Andre and Hannibal are good together on the show. Chris Rock recently told Andre that  “The reason your show works is because there’s no two black guys that have less in common than you and Hannibal Buress.” In conclusion Andre’s mission is to show people new and unique black perspectives and to shatter the expectations of the black community.

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