Tuesday, October 26

Students voice concerns over U.S. conflicts

By Rickea Cohen


The International Student Association hosted a program on Feb. 11, entitled “Do You Trust Your Government?”

During this event students had the chance to express how they felt about the United States government, and the theoretical conspiracies that have affected Americans. Ikenna Anyanwu, sophomore and biology major expressed“ I feel like the United States has a lot of secrets that they keep away from our society.”

The board of I.S.A. discussed topics such as the Iraq war/911, the conspiracy of the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut, the crack epidemic in black communities, and the conspiracy of the Tuskegee Syphilis study/ the creation of HIV/A.I.D.S. Quandalasha Fambro graduating senior stated, “ Coming to this event I learned about conspiracy’s I have never heard of and I feel like being a United States citizen these issues affect us all.”

For an hour and a half each board member of I.S.A. incorporated video clips and side shows for each topic and students began to express their opinions on each subject and debated with one another on what they thought was the truth or a conspiracy. Overall students expressed that they enjoyed the program and the subjects discussed held great importance. “I really enjoyed this event. I felt like it was so informative,” Anyanwu said.

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