Wednesday, October 27

Students recover from ASL flood

By Briana McKellery

The Lincolnian

Residents of Apartment Style Living who were displaced by a recent flood have returned to their rooms.

A water pipe burst in the ASL building on Oct. 22, causing dozens of students to be evacuated.

The water damage affected the hallways of the second floor, and water poured down through the ceiling of the first floor, flooding the rooms and hallways.

The burst pipe caused so much damage that students living on the first and second floor of ASL could not stay in their rooms for several days.

Students had to find somewhere else to sleep until it was safe to return to their rooms.

“I was taking a nap, and when I woke up from my nap and put my feet on the floor, all I heard was ‘squish, squish,’ and when I looked down I saw the water,” said senior Kenneth Sharpe from Chester, Pa.

Many students were frustrated they had to find another place to live.

“Where are we supposed to go?” said Courtney Lucas, a junior who lives on the first floor of ASL. “All my stuff is in my room. I was only able to grab a few things and pack it in my car, but I now have to find somewhere to lie my head down.”

Students were able to stay in friends’ rooms on campus either on the third and fourth floors of ASL or in different dormitories on campus, such as the Living Learning Center.

The cause of the broken pipe has been the subject of much speculation around campus, but administrators have not identified the cause.

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