Tuesday, January 18

Students ponder major decisions

By Chanel Watson

The Lincolnian

While students are waiting in line to schedule classes with their advisors, there is always a wait on students who can’t decide on a major.

Students may have an idea of a major when they come to college, but then decide on something else. Others have no idea at all.

Whether they change their minds, don’t like the classes or find no usefulness in the major after evaluating the course, there is always confusion about students’ choices.

“I know a lot of students who changed their majors in the past because it’s a rough job market, and the major won’t be enough when sending in a resume to employers,” said freshman Tondalaya Goodman.

“They want to major in something that will stand out,” Goodman said. “Another big reason is because people have different interests, and I guess they just pick the one they like best—or they’re better at—to major in.”

For graduates, the toughest transition after college is finding a job. With unemployment as a major problem in America, it is important to make your resume stand out.

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