Students look back, ahead at new college experience

By Chanel Watson and Andreas Roberts

The Lincolnian


After a long semester, freshmen said they experienced both highs and lows during their first months at The Lincoln University.

And as seniors approach their final semester at Lincoln, they say they’ve matured and learned to focus their attention.

“I never thought I’d be the one giving advice on how to study,” said senior Dante Atkins. “I was the same one procrastinating three years ago.”

The contrast between freshmen and seniors was apparent at the Langston Hughes Memorial Library this week. Many freshmen gossiped at the tables while briefly discussing class work, while the upperclassmen were strapped to the computer chairs with various tabs pulled up and working hard.

Many freshmen feel they have gone through challenging and influential changes already in the first semester that have caused them to reflect on their behavior and change for the better.

“I realized that I’m not a child anymore, and it’s up to me to make all of the decisions while I’m in school to better myself,” said freshman Trison Henderson. “Even if that means leaving my old, childish habits behind.” [polldaddy poll=7629067]

Facing the difficulty of living on your own and handling responsibility without the help of parents have forced students to realize they need to mature and change their actions to survive in the college atmosphere.

Some have picked up new habits, while others have dropped old ones. Some changes have been good, while others may have been bad.

Being involved with the wrong things is what distracts many students, seniors said.

“I’ve learned to prioritize and let some things go,” said senior Demetrius Robinson, also an athlete. “I fell back from a lot of B.S and playing while deciding to become focused on a successful future.”

Robinson said freshmen have to learn to pace themselves.

“You have to study periodically day by day, not all at once because it will cause major confusion,” he said.

Now it’s time to look ahead to next semester.

“Spring Fling is probably the only thing I’m looking forward to next semester,” said freshman Sofanda Anderson.

Besides Spring Fling, freshmen said they’re looking forward to newer students coming in the spring and meeting others who are experiencing the same transitions in their lives.

Robinson said the college experience benefitted him.

“Lincoln has made me a better person and has changed my decision-making completely,” he said.

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