Students encouraged to ‘go green,’ plant gardens on campus

By Chanel Watson

The Lincolnian

Students were encouraged in this week’s convocation to make The Lincoln University campus a more eco-friendly community by conserving energy and creating gardens.

President Robert R. Jennings and the Sustainability Committee on Thursday said students should take the initiative to go green.

“The goal is to turn our campus into a sustainable one,” Jennings said.

The Sustainability Committee developed a series of five skits to show different ways of going green, including closing the windows to preserve heat in the dorms, turning off the lights when no one is using them and using the recycling bins in the cafeteria.

Jennings also announced that Lincoln will add another 12 to 15 gardens throughout the campus in an effort to make the campus more beautiful. Some campus organizations and clubs, including Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, will do their own garden projects to support Lincoln’s go-green campaign.

Some students and faculty are excited for the gardens to come to Lincoln.

“It’s cool that they are making a new garden,” said freshman Makeda White. “It’s exciting to see what everyone is coming up with, too. I want to see what creative ways they come up with to show off their organization.”

William Barber, assistant director of admissions, is also excited about the gardens.

“I want to see how creative they are when they put the gardens in … because I know that some of these students can get very creative,” he said. “Someone’s going to come up with something really wild, and everyone’s going to want to follow and do the same thing. Hopefully the money for the gardens has been allocated ahead of time so it’s not a major cost to the university.”

Jennings said he will explain other eco-friendly programs and practices in upcoming convocations.

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