Students’ Designer Label ‘Handwritten’ Creates a New Legacy


By Alyson Robinson–Everyone has those days when they wish they had that one piece of clothing in their closet and couldn’t afford to buy it. On a college student budget it’s especially hard to buy every item you want.

This was the problem Duane Gordon, a 21 year-old Junior at Lincoln University, faced.

Incorporating the ideas of various team members, Gordon became the engine behind the new, hip clothing line ‘HandWritten.’

“I’m doing this because I’m into fashion and a lot of stuff I just couldn’t afford it,” said Gordon. “I figured I’d start my own thing. I did it near the end of last semester.”

The team started out with Junior Hayley Clarke, who helped brainstorm names for the line. The original name was ‘copywritten’ and out of that HandWritten was born. Greggory Morris joined the team later and loved the name they decided upon. Close to the end of the semester and over the summer, a few more members joined the team. Graphic and web designers, Demar Mathews and Aaron Warrick both have prior experience with new clothing lines. Other members include Victoria Loving and Shivonna Jones.

“We all came up with different designs and saved money to produce the shirts,” said Gordon. “We got the shirts the Saturday before school started on August 20  2011.”

T-shirts and then sweatshirts were the first to be designed.

“It’s a collection of everybody’s style. My vision is to build a brand and reach networks, “said Gordon.

Every day Gordon uses every opportunity to tell more people about his brand. He tries to be very creative when making people aware. He does this by complimenting their attire and saying he has a shirt to match what they have.

Publicity was gained  when Handwritten decided to partner with People Standing United for its first ever “Ball for A Cause” basketball game.  The proceeds from the game went to the Suzie G. Coleman Breast Cancer Foundation HandWritten had the chance to create the jerseys that the players used.

Not only did Handwritten help out with Ball for a Cause but the fashion house has also been very busy both on and off Lincoln’s campus with other forms of showing off their innovative T-shirt line.

“Homecoming week was the best week, we did the Ziana fashion show intermission walk and people wore our shirts at the parties,” Gordon said.  “We got to network with the DJ’s, gave them free T-shirts and they gave us a shout out. I gave Big Sean a shirt too.”

Gordon’s goal is to get people from every major city to wear his clothes. That is why he has included the number of people on his team. Each team member represents cities in the New York, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and also as far as California.

“Teamwork makes the dream work; you can’t do it by yourself. Plus my team will be comfortable financial wise,” said Gordon.

Gordon would also love to see celebrities such as Big Sean, Meek Mill, Wale or Kanye West wear his clothing line one day. He hopes to one day say that he started from being a Lincoln student and succeeded at his dream.

“I want to say one day ‘if it wasn’t for the support of students who helped me, I wouldn’t be where I here right now,”Gordon said.

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