Student Government Association Rallies In Harrisburg

By Jocelyn Haslon

The Lincoln University Student Government Association and other Lincoln University students visited the Pennsylvania capita city of Harrisburg last Tuesday.

The purpose of the trip was for Lincoln students to advocate for appropriate and equal funding for the university as the other state-related schools, such as Penn State, Temple University and Pittsburgh, receive.

“State related schools such as Penn State (and) Temple receive $20-40 million in state funding, whereas Lincoln only receives $10-12 million dollars. Hopefully, Lincoln will receive an increase for the upcoming 2014-15 academic school year” Lowell Howard, current SGA Vice President of External Affairs said.

Upon arriving to the capital, the students split up into groups of 2 or 3 and went to the offices of state representatives to ask them to assist and advocate for the university, financially. The students, then, sat in on a senate meeting before going on a tour of the capital.

Nicole Webb, the newly elected Vice President of External Affairs for the 2014-2015 academic school year stated, “We got to network a lot. I think that it’s important because they want to see what students are doing, they want to know what life is like on campus and they want to see someone other than the President or big names that represent the university. It was really good for us to get out there and meet some of them.”

Olutoyin Olowookere, the newly elected Executive Secretary for the 2014-2015 academic school year, said that her group had the opportunity to mostly talk to Democrats, who are already supportive of getting funding for Lincoln. The Democrats informed them that the school needs to convince more Republicans to support the university.

“The Republicans feel as if they have given us enough money already,” stated Olowookere. “Especially since education is not the current governor’s (Tom Corbett) major concern, they feel as though they’re hands are tied.”

“We used to go with other schools but found that it is not as effective,” reflected Winnie Washington, the current President of SGA. “This is the one time that we can prove that our students are aware of what’s going on; we’re aware of [them] as legislators and [they] need to be aware of us as a student body when making the decision on how much [they’re] going to fund us.”

Representatives will be meeting to vote on the next budget cycle for state allocations and funding for state related universities over the summer.

The primary election for the office of Pennsylvania State Senate will be held on May 20, 2014.

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