Stress To Success: The Final Step Toward Graduation

By Christopher Wilson

The fantastic class of 2014 is preparing themselves for the 160th commencement exercise, as students are about to enter the next chapter of their lives.

On May 9, 2014 The Lincoln University’s graduating seniors will walk across the stage after previously entering The Lincoln University as freshmen in 2010.

Many seniors are proud of themselves for obtaining a degree without being distracted by the negative ventures society has to offer. Earlissa Marable, a senior political science major, elaborates on what is in store for her post graduation.

“Besides looking for employment waiting to hear from grad/law schools causes great worry. Life after college is not easy but with great faith and effort things will hopefully fall in place. Some students take stress in differently, as the stress at time can be looked upon as motivation. This is a crucial time where everyone should motivate you of all of your accomplishments.”

Graduation can be followed by the excitement of the accomplishment, but also by the feeling of anxiety of not being able to find an internship that can help put your foot in he door for opportunities.

Alexander Oates, a senior mass communications major mentioned, “Stress is crazy! We still have balances pay, and finals are going to be filled with crammed info from the snow days and other things,” Oates said.

Tanesha Hicks, senior psychology major, mentions that she is worried about not finding a job in her own liking.

“I myself am worried about not being able to find a job in my field especially since my department didn’t offer me any this semester with psychology being my major. It has two fields you can study there is a research side. Although my department had job opportunities for research psychology that is not something that I am interested in.”

Students have the mentality to rather find a job that they will enjoy versus going into his or her work environment with no desire or interest to work every day.

Another thing that is taking a toll on some seniors is senioritis. Senioritis is a term that is frequently used among Lincoln University students to describe the feelings of laziness that come over them when school is coming to a close.

Antonio Garrison, a senior political science major, went in depth of how senioritis affects students in ways that will prevent them from achieving in society.

“Most people say senioritis is when seniors become more reluctant to do work or to love out their senior year as how they did in the following ears. However, the experience of senioritis is actually when the thoughts of graduating and reality set in which pushes some students to become cautious and paranoid this forcing them to do less as a insecurity which could be seen as a bad fail safe plan that prevents them from achieving more because of their view of the independent world,” Garrison said.

Stress can play a vital role in your life as it prepares you to push yourself, and to get things accomplished in life that is beneficial for yourself. Jalai Duroseau, a senior psychology major, enlightens us on the necessity of proper stress.

“The stress of graduation even though it annoying is healthy and necessary to progress. Without it, we would probably not push ourselves to finish. I personally have had a good job for four years now but will be moving on to the police department hopefully this summer. It’ s a bittersweet feeling but ultimately the goal to move on and grow up.”


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