Wednesday, October 27

Spend It On The Vendors!

The season of homecoming brings along much excitement or ‘hype’ as students say. Easily the most highly anticipated occasion on campus, alongside Spring Fling, many look forward to the atmosphere of festivity with on-campus parties, events hosted by organizations, a yard show and a finale concert. However, above all of that, the most important thing would always be nutrition. Every year, without fail, visiting vendors erect their stalls in the designated areas, not only to sell books and LU regalia, but to also bless our taste buds with a variety of tasty and flavorful foods. The presence of food vendors usually places students in a tough position as they have a difficult time deciding whether they should buy vendors’ food or if they should save their money and eat from the cafeteria.

It almost becomes easier for students to decide to spend money on vendor’s food as complaints about the cafeteria’s food continue to persist. Jasmine Payne, a Lincoln sophomore, said that she spent 60 dollars in two days simply because the cafeteria’s food was not satisfying to her. Even though the cafeteria food is already paid for by students’ meal plans, they still willingly buy food from the vendors. Many students continue to express displeasure with the quality and standard of the food from the cafeteria, only eating it because of no other choice. Therefore, it is only expected that when given a second option, most opted to buy vendors’ food. Though costlier, the selection of cuisines from barbecue and mac and cheese, to oxtails and rice, proved to be the choice over cafeteria food throughout the homecoming weekend.


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