Speaker urges students to take responsibility for themselves

By London McAuley

The Lincolnian

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, an activist, television personality, motivational speaker and author, recently spoke to Lincoln University students at the International Cultural Center.

Hill spoke about several topics, including Shawn Bell, Trayvon Martin and how the world needs to act, especially the African-American community. He said you couldn’t have student success if you don’t have community success.

“The biggest problem in the world today is that there are too many people that don’t do anything,” Hill said.

Hill said students should ask themselves “who am I” and “whose am I” as part of their effort to understand their black identity. He stressed unity and how we should come together.

Hill also spoke on his YouTube show called “For Colored Boys: Redemption,” which has eight episodes. He suggested that male students should look into the program.

Hill said his goal is to own more of his own businesses, not to get rich but to control his own destiny, build his own institution and give back to the community. He talked about making the sacrifice and not selling out to big corporations so we can come together as a community.

He then closed with a series of questions and pictures with students.

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