Snow, Weather Frustrates Some Lincoln Students

By Asia A. Black & Nicole Webb


Recent weather delays and cancellations have been affecting The Lincoln University in different ways.

The University has been closed down a total of three times this semester due to snow and ice storms that covered the campus as well as the roadways to get to campus.

When there is going to be a delay, closing, or cancellation, it is the responsibility of The Office of Communications & Public Relations to alert the community via email and the university’s website.

“The Office of Communications & Public Relations only issues the announcement of delays and closures once it receives a decision to delay the opening or close the University from the Office of the President or Office of Academic Affairs,” said Eric Webb, director of The Office of Communications & Public Relations Institutional Advancement.

Some students believe that the university could do a better job of announcing cancellations and closings.

“I walked all the way to class after a delay was issued, and then it turned out that the university was closed. I was not too happy about that,” said Asher Watlington, junior.

Midterm exam time is quickly approaching the university, and with all the cancellations some professors have moved the exams to a time after spring break. Spring break is a 10 -day break beginning on February 21.

Some students are fed up with the weather all together.

“I appreciate the days to catch up on my work, but I would it if we didn’t have anymore snow,” said Brianna McPherson, junior.

Other students are enjoying the extra days off from classes.

“It’s been very helpful because of how busy of a student I am; I’ve had time to focus on other impertinent things,” said Alicia Robinson, junior & executive secretary of Student Government Association.

This campus has not seen the last of snowfall.

Nearly two inches of snow fell onto the campus over the past day.  Today’s high will not exceed 28 degrees, according to

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