SGA presents Spring Fling picks at Student Body Meeting

SGA President DeWayne Walker
SGA President DeWayne Walker

By Timothy Alston

The Student Government Association announced its finalists for the Spring Fling concert during its first  student body meeting of the semester Tuesday.

SGA announced that it had selected Fabolous, El Varner, Melanie Fiona, ASAP Rocky, Juicy J and Wale as potential acts for the event, which will be held in April.

Students were later sent a link via email to vote for who they would like to see perform at Lincoln.

The meeting drew a large crowd as a result of the pending announcement.  However, other issues were discussed during the meeting, which was held in the Student Union Building multipurpose rom.

The meeting opened up with the current SGA President DeWayne Walker giving a recap of last semester’s events and the success the board had achieved by working closely with the administration and student body.
However, when the floor was open to questions, senior Marion Simmons voiced several concerns that she had with the board.

“Why are we having protests about cups but not protesting budget cuts for departments?” Simmons asked the board.

The board responded by noting that it took a 17% budget cut.

Sophomore Winnie-Mae Washington stood and made a point on behalf of the SGA board.

“A lot of these questions and concerns would be answered if students to the responsibility to go to events like Board of Trustee’s Meetings and Faculty meetings,” said Washington.

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  1. I went to the last meeting. It seems as if President Jennings doesn’t care about us especially when they kicked all non executive people out the meeting then let us in 5 minutes later only to tell us that the meeting was over. And I also attended this body meeting to voice my concerns. It seems like LU students only care about events such as Spring Fling and i also feel that we should cut down on these type of events to save money during these budget cuts. These type of events usually cause us to lose more money than we gain. I also voiced an opinion about Dr. Jennings’ leadership as President. SGA responded by saying Jennings is doing well leading LU and wont be impeached anytime soon. I didn’t like the response they gave and it led me to feel like perhaps thy are his “puppets”. If Dr. Jennings is actually “doing a good job”. He needs to address the “good things” he’s doing by having monthly convocations where he informs the LU community of what’s going on. I’m paying to be here and feel like he is bringing LU downhill. If he isn’t, I’d like him to prove me wrong with valuable info and valid facts.


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