Tuesday, October 26

Rep Your City


By Mar’Quell Fripp-Owens

Which is the most represent city on the Lincoln University campus?

You could say Philadelphia because they’re the closest and the most populated city of the group. You could say Washington, DC who is the tightest knit city, or you could say New York who would say they are the most stylistic of the group.

There are a lot of traits that equally distinguishes each city from one another, but how does one from a certain city identify that someone else is from their city, if they have never spoken?

“You can tell a city guy when the way he carries himself; everything is different, for starters other cities cuff their pants” Delonte Armstrong, a Lincoln University student said.

Is it really little things like that, that allows us to distinguish your ally from the opposing city? “You can tell I’m Philly from my posture” another Lincoln University student Danielle Goodman said, quoting a Meek Mill song.

If you’re from a certain city, there are certain styles or manners of speech that you notice because you accustomed to. Certain things like the music you listen to or the food you eat is also a way to distinguish your city from another.

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