Re-establishing Black Studies

By Rickiea Cohen“It seems as if no one else is presenting Black Studies as a potential academic focus,” said Dr. Zizwe Poe, a professor a part of the History and Political Science department here at Lincoln University.

On Nov. 20, 2004 the Board of Trustees voted that the number of majors be reduced by 25% causing the Black Studies major to be cut.

“Black studies should become a major again, because it is important to have knowledge of self,” Quandalasha Fambro, 2013, History major and Black Studies minor said. “No matter the career path there is a presence of black people. Thus it is important and it will make you a well-rounded person and inevitably be useful in any career path and overall knowledge of self-empowerment.”

Since becoming a professor in 2001, re-establishing the major has been an ongoing goal of Dr. Poe’s. With the help of faculty and students the proposal has been written and presented to faculty members for evaluation.

30 of 46 faculty members voted yes to expand the minor, while over 30 students have enrolled in the minor, in hopes of establishing the major once again.

Dr. Poe stated, “this is the first Historically Black College/University Black studies should be held in a special place in the academy for people of African descent and others to study.”

Classes for the minor are available in Mass Communications, Sociology, Political Science and Religion department for students to take.

“Hopefully next year if Lincoln has a Black Studies major it will attract a large number of students and increase enrollment as well as become its own department, because it touches all discipline,” stated Dr. Poe.

Stephen McCullough, Interim Chair refused to comment on the subject.

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