Quinton Davis

My name is Quinton Davis, a 23 year old senior at Lincoln University. Growing up my mother loved to travel and take trips yearly to show my brother and me a different experience. Coming from West Philadelphia, I know that many children do not have the opportunity to visit places outside of Philadelphia. I was truly blessed to visit over 30 places throughout my life. When I was about the age of 6, as I can remember, Florida was my first official trip that I enjoyed and remember. My mother took my brother and me along with a couple other family members. It was the best experience of my life because it was something different that I never saw. My family and I went to Universal Studios, Disney World, Jurassic Park and other amusement parks. As a child, it was the coolest thing to eat candy, popcorn, various various foods and get on rides all day. After a 7 day trip, I still didn’t want to come back home. I also remember my trips to the Bahamas, Mexico and St. Martin. This experience was very different because we visited each place on a cruise ship, which was Carnival Cruise. It was my first time on Carnival I had so much fun. Each night there was something to do; I was never bored. My older brother and cousin kept me occupied the whole time as we played basketball on the back of the cruise, went to a teen club, played on the mini water park in the middle of the ship with much more. Another great thing about this trip on the cruise is it was ALL you can eat throughout the day. At the time, I was a kid who loved food and had no problems with eating it all day. The Carnival cruise was a great experience because it wasn’t on a plane or car but it was a ship that took us to each place. This trip was one of the best moments of my life. The most recent trip I remember going on was to Montego Bay Jamaica. It was the best time of my life. Within one day my friends and I did so much that it felt like we’ve been there for 3 days. We went to the club, different stores, the beach and an outside party. We also went into the real Jamaican neighborhoods. It was a great experience because most people only see the touristic side of Jamaica and not how it actually is. I didn’t stay in a hotel but had the opportunity to stay inside a Jamaican household with a host family which was a friend of my family. We had Jerk Chicken, Curry Chicken and rice and much more. At the time I didn’t know too much about the food but I tried it and loved it. The culture was so different and fascinating. These are a few places I visited and enjoyed throughout my life. A place I would like to go is to Paris, France because I am into fashion and Paris is a place where the art is praised. It is a chance to experience a totally different culture and to step out of your comfort zone is a great thing to do. I am excited about studying abroad in Jamaica because even though I have visited before, this time I will be able to study and learn more about the culture. Jamaica is one of my favorite places. I would like to promote my brand there as well, in a totally different place, as I believe it would help my clothing line to grow in many different ways.

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