Purple heart Clothing

By Rickiea Cohen

Many can attest that they don’t want to be the norm, walking around with the same clothing on as their peers. Some think it’s embarrassing to see someone, realizing they have on the same outfit as you.

That was how Shaun McCoy felt when he decided to create his own clothing line “Purple Heart”. He wanted to express his love of fashion in a hot, urban kind of way for women and men.

It all started with a group of young men in the city of Baltimore at Overa high school. They enjoyed looking “fresh,” as what they call it, for school every day.

Then one day McCoy was approached by one of his classmates who asked him to help him find an outfit for his birthday weekend, he even payed him $50 for just providing that aid.

“It became a quick easy job for me, going shopping with my classmates picking out their clothes and getting an easy $50, it was cool” said McCoy

As McCoy looked at the prices of some of the clothes, he felt bad for some of his peers because they were too expensive. Unlike them, he didn’t have to worry about that, his father purchased every piece of clothing he had.

As McCoy got older, his love for fashion increased and he wanted to express it, besides not wanting to look identical, to what he calls ‘societies perpetrators,’ his heart and sweat went into the idea of making this clothing line.

With the contribution of the Purple Heart street team, and the co-founder, Davon Willy, Purple Heart is beginning to make a big name for itself.

The name Purple Heart has two significant meanings to it.

“I feel that the clothing industry is playing people, taking all their money leaving their pockets bruised, in return they are left with a purple heart,” McCoy explains.

Also, the second meaning derived from co-founder Davon Willy’s grandfather. Willy’s grandfather was a World War II veteran, who got injured during the battle, but continued to fight through his injury. He was then able to receive the Purple Heart Medal, which means a lot to him. It shows the love, drive and dedication he has for the United States.

The Purple Heart which is a United States military decoration that is awarded by the President to those who have been wounded or killed while serving on or after April 5, 1917 with the U.S. military.

McCoy continues to run the Purple Heart clothing label with the help of Willy, hoping that one day, more people will decide to wear his clothing.

“I just want people to see what we have to offer that’s quite fashionable and affordable” he says.

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