Public Safety Precautions For Free Concert

Public Safety Safety Precautions
By Asia A. Black

Due to Spring Fling’s concert at The Lincoln University being free, public safety is still taking a similar approach to the normal way of protecting the university.

Captain James Connor, public safety official at The Lincoln University stated that outdoor concerts are actually less difficult to control than indoor concerts.

“I don’t really know why that is, but they tend to be less trouble,” he said.

Grammy award nominee Fabulous will be coming to preform on April 5 at 7 p.m. Not only are students on this campus excited for the free concert, other students on other campuses are as well.

According to social media, the concert and after party appear to be the most promoted events within the whole Spring Fling roster.

Nonresidents of Lincoln University are allowed to attend the free concert as well.

As a result, there will be extra officers on duty.

“No one is off on Friday or Saturday,” said Captain Connor.

According to Lowell Howard, vice president of external affairs, Millersville University of Pa. will be bringing three busses full of their students to the campus for the concert.

There will be barricades behind and in front of the stage in place to keep order as well. Following the free concert will be an after party with a $10.00 admission fee.

The after party will require public safety officers to be present at two sights of entrance in the Manuel Rivero Hall Gymnasium. The after party will take place April 5 from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Students on and off campus along with visitors should also be aware that The Lincoln University’s zero tolerance policy is still heavily in effect. If you are caught with any type of drug or alcohol, or display public intoxication the consequences could result in suspension as a student, arrest, or escort off of campus.

“There are also different things we are doing with restricted access and parking, but its not anything we wouldn’t normally do for an event,” said Captain Connor.

Not all Lincoln students will be able to enjoy the event.

A numberof Lincoln university students were recently banned from attending any Spring Fling events due to judicial reasons.

A list of those names have been distributed to public safety and other student affairs and student services consultants to make sure that these students are not let into the party or into the concert.

These consultants will be present at the events to escort students with infractions off of the premises if found in the concert or the after party.

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