Tuesday, November 30

Playground classic dodgeball comes to Lincoln campus

dodgeballBy Timothy Alston

The Lincolnian

Dodgeball is a classic playground game, with simple rules and lots of action.

To give it a new twist, Student Life and Development is turning out the lights.

The “Lights Out: Dodge Ball Tournament” is scheduled for 8-10 p.m. Thursday in the auxiliary gym of Manuel Rivero Hall.

“We already know the concept of the game is to dodge the ball, but this makes it a little more interesting when you’re being required to use all your other senses,” said Jernice Lindsay, a junior who is a student activities assistant in the Student Life and Development office.

Teams will wear glow-in-the-dark paint, which will make it easier for their opponents to spot them in the dark. 

Lindsay came up with the idea to add a little more competition to the already fast-paced game.

Many other students are excited about the idea of being almost blind and seeing how quickly they can react under pressure.

“I think this a great way to reinvent a game that usually can get boring as soon as it starts,” said freshman Aisosa Ekhator.

Dodgeball has grown in popularity across the country in recent years, with leagues organized for adults who want to socialize and exercise. But some schools in New York, New Hampshire, Kentucky and several other states have banned the game, saying it has caused serious injury to young students.

The Lincoln tournament will have four teams, each with six members and two substitutes. For more information, contact Student Life and Development in SUB 130.

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