Wednesday, October 27

Philly Brings Couture to The Streets

By Christopher Gibson

Milan Rouge founder and designer of Milano Di Rouge, a popular Philadelphia clothing line, hopes her clothing will inspire others to follow their dreams.

Milan was raised in Philly and has always had an interest for fashion. Milan uses her brand to promote positivity, ambition, and safety.

As a young teen, Milan’s dream was to open up a clinic for people concerning HIV/AIDS. Milan has hosted events and celebrity sports tournaments to raise money to help support the cause. Her future plans  are still to open up her own clinic to help protect and to educate Philadelphia on HIV/AIDS awareness.

Milan’s brand is so unique because it isn’t centered around herself. When on Lincoln University’s top radio show, she was asked about the message behind her brand, she responded  “making dreams reality”.

“When people buy into Milano Di Rouge, they are motivated to chase their passion” says Milan

A few of Milano Di Rouge latest pieces consist of hoodies, ski masks, and full body jump suits.

Gaining celebrity clientele such as Meek Mill, Dion Waiters, Lou Williams, Keisha Cole, Blac Chyna, has allowed Milan’s brand to flourish. When asked who she would love to have support her brand, she named big name trendsetters such as, “Beyonce, Rihanna, and Kylie Jenner.”

As her celebrity clientele continues to grow so does Philly’s excitement for what’s in store for Milano Di Rouge. To shop, you can visit

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