Tuesday, November 30

Paypal, LU Brainstorming Session

by Jamila Jacob

On Friday 9th February 2018, the Mass Communications department of Lincoln University of Pennsylvania had the privilege of hosting a brainstorming session on Virtual and Augmented Reality technology with company Paypal. Those present at the meeting included department chair, Dr. Nicole Files-Thompson, faculty members of the mass communications and computer science department, as well as mass communications and computer science students of varying classifications. Paypal was represented by Jinesh Patel, Innovation and Patent Counsel, and Jacky Barry, University Relations Manager.

The session was centered on inventing ways in which virtual and augmented reality technology can be used in our daily lives. Participants at the forum used the Google Cardboard smartphone application along with cardboard glasses to gain insight on the virtual reality world. The students proposed a number of ideas to use virtual and augmented reality technology within sectors of education, health and commerce.

The most popular and perhaps most expansive idea was to use augmented reality technology to market grocery items in ways that would appeal to the customer as an individual. One student suggested that on entering a store, a Star Wars movie fan can be attracted to products and product offers through the use of movie characters to communicate the sale details specifically to them. It was also widely agreed that virtual reality technology can be used to create and improve live experiences such as concerts and even browsing for hotel accommodation.

The forum was proven successful, as it not only created a platform for students to think critically and to share what they came up with, but it also created a networking opportunity among students, faculty and the professionals from Paypal. This occasion has hopefully set the foundation for more collaborative activities between the company and the university as both Patel and Barry expressed great pleasure in being involved in the forum.

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