Wednesday, October 27

Our Dear Old CREAM and Blue?

By Jamila Jacob

Last evening, social media was buzzing with comments from mostly disgruntled Lincoln University students on a seemingly unwelcome change on the Pennsylvania campus. On either side of the Alumni Memorial Arch at the campus’ main gate stood walls adorned by a colorful, visually-stimulating mural which greeted students, visitors and passers-by each day.

The circulation of a photo on social media of the newly painted walls sparked many comments and discussions. Much to the apparent displeasure of a number of students, this piece of art has been erased in exchange for the name of the institution ‘Lincoln University’ painted in a dark color (which appears to be blue in the photo) on a cream background.

Many Lincoln students shared their thoughts along with the photo, most expressing regret that the change occurred and some condemning those who might have initiated the change.

It seems as though students are most upset, not due to the mere fact that mural was removed, but due to the manner in which it was done, at the end of the semester in the absence of the majority of the school population. One student shared her thoughts, “I think the removal of the mural was totally unnecessary and the fact that they waited until students left the campus shows they knew it wouldn’t have sat well with us.” She went on to further critique the change, “The colors they used to replace the mural make us look like Lincoln University of Missouri. I thought the mural was great. A lot of students liked to take pictures there and it was one of the first things you saw when you were coming back to school from breaks.”

On the other hand, a few expressed openness to the new sight. One person posted on Facebook, “I hated the mural. This looks way better to me. If you went to Lincoln during my time you wouldn’t be tied to the wall…”
A change made for the sake of improvement or upkeep, or an unnecessary change, what has been done is done. The campus entrance has a new look and while the general response to it might not be positive, those who may have ill feelings toward the change should not be discouraged. Instead, all LU students should continue to value their campus and their LU experience, continue to speak when they feel the need to be heard and to contribute to positive growth and change to keep the Lincoln Legacy alive.

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