Orange Crush misses out on Battle of the Bands

By Rickiea Cohen



Some members of the Lincoln University Orange Crush Band and attended this year’s Honda Battle of the Bands competition in Atlanta.

But rather than compete, they watched the eight other bands that received invitations.

Members of the band expressed disappointment that they were unable to compete in this year’s invitation-only event, which was held in the Georgia Dome on Jan. 26.

The band missed on competing after it was not selected as the representative of Central Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, and after it fell short in an online voting competition.  The band that received the most votes would have been given an invitation to Atlanta.

The Lincoln University Crush Band which was reestablished in 2007, has been trying to get to this event for years, but was unable to get enough votes to compete. However this didn’t stop them from traveling to the competition anyway just to watch the performers.

Marrisia Moye, class of 2014, biology major and a bass drum player in the band said “I think it would have been a great opportunity for the band and especially for Lincoln, because we are a HBCU.  We as a band or even a school don’t receive that much recognition, so being performers at Honda would have been good coverage and opportunity for us both.”

Band members really felt passionate about getting the opportunity to go and expressed how they felt that they didn’t get the chance to compete.

Stephanie Pile, class of 2014, business management major and a color guard member of the band expressed “I feel disappointed and upset because we didn’t receive enough votes from the campus to get us to the competition.”

Moye said “I feel like it’s another year of disappointment and I’m really let down by the voting results, but I feel this is going to help us to work harder and strive to get there next year to compete.”

Even though Lincoln University’s band was unable to make it to the competition to compete, some members went anyway just to experience the event.

Jennifer Moore, class of 2014, political science major and color guard member of the band expressed “It was the best competition I’ve ever seen, especially Albany State, I loved their bands performance.”

Members hope to be able to perform in the competition in the future and not be in the audience.

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