Tuesday, January 18

Online Applications Finally Available at Lincoln

By Alexandra Rainey

In an effort to have more students to apply to The Lincoln University, the Admissions office and the Information Technology department have teamed up to make applying to the university a little more simple.

On March 14, the plan to create online applications accessible to prospective students was finalized, due to the President’s urgent demand to compete with other schools that already had the technology.

Since the process was finalized about 50 students have used this method to apply to the university.

Andre’ Warner, who has served as Lincoln’s assistant vice president for information technology since January, organized the effort as a means of connecting with younger, more tech-savvy generations.

“Today’s students live on the web.  Snail mail is no longer in” said Warner.

Warner added that admissions played a key role into making the online application by telling him what was necessary for student to have when applying.

Walter Samuel, an undergraduate admissions counselor, said that this new application is beneficial to many students because of the fact that it is less of a hassle to apply.

“It is a seamless application process for a prospective student,” said Samuel.

When asked how long this project was in the works, Samuel said that they had been asking for this process for quite some time.

Current students wished such an option was available when they applied.

“I think that the university will gain more students because of the application process being online because half the time we are on the internet anyway, and yes I would have loved not to have to write everything out and mail it “said Ziane Mensah, a sophmore.

Prospective students find the new application on Lincoln’s website at Lincoln.edu/admissions.

In order to use the application, the computer being used must have Adobe software.

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