Wednesday, October 27

One Month Later and Still No Grade

by Trejha Whitfield

Photo by Flickr
Photo by Flickr

“We took the test last week, when will I see my grade?” After four years in college I am still asking this question.

According to The Lincoln University’s Academic Calendar for the 2016-2017 school year, midterm grades for the fall semester were to be submitted on October 10. Many students have taken their exams between October 3 and the 7; also listed on the University’s Academic Calendar as Midterm Week.

“It’s good to see my grades and gauge where I am, if I should work harder or stay consistent,” says Elisha Hall, a transfer junior at The Lincoln University. As a rising senior Hall is concerned with how well she is doing in two out of the five classes she is registered for.

The anticipation of waiting for midterm grades has brought students into an uproar. Without these grades as a reference, students are unable to evaluate their progress in the course.

“We are about to come up on the withdrawal period. Midterm grades are what help students determine if they are not doing well enough to pass,” says Dr. Nicole Files-Thompson, Chair of the Mass Communications Department. Dr. Files-Thompson also states “It’s not just about failing. Midterms help you assess what you need to be doing better.”

“The midterm grade on WebAdvisor is a space filler to meet the deadline,” a response given to Hall by her professor when she asked about her inaccurate grade. Hall’s WebAdvisor showed her grade on a quiz instead of her midterm. Her professor was behind on grading and used the previous quiz grade to submit something by October 10.

This is an interesting double standard between students and professors meeting deadlines. It is unacceptable in the academic world to submit a rough draft of research papers to meet the deadline and the student would not receive a temporary grade. This is identical to posting a temporary midterm grade on WebAdvisor and updating it at a later date.

“I screenshot my grades to send to my parents, this depends on if I should receive funding for Homecoming Festivities,” says graduating senior Alana Hudson. The late posting of grades hurts Hudson in the long run. She is unaware of her status in class and may not be able to participate in Homecoming events.

Hudson says, “On October 10th I only had three grades out of the six classes I am enrolled in.”

Well into October and I am still missing one grade. Now is the opportunity to express the importance of midterm grades to my professors in hopes they will make their University deadlines, provided by the Registrar’s Office, as they expect me to do the same.

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