Wednesday, October 27

Niare Galvez

Hi, my name is NiareGalvez! I am a Boston native, who has a passion to travel every knick and cranny of this world. Being as though I attend Lincoln University, Pennsylvania is the first state that I traveled to by myself. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel with my immediate family almost everywhere that I go. We’ve been as far as the deep south of Alabama to the tropics of the Bahamas. Domestically, I’ve traveled to Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Washington D.C, Delaware and Cape Cod. On an international level, I’ve only traveled to the Bahamas. Fortunately, when this semester ends I will be flying to Cancun, Mexico.

One of my travel goals is to travel to at least 8 countries by the time I’m thirty. The world is a very beautiful place and every country has various states that offer not only different cultures but, tons of different experiences. Every country comes with a different culture, language, and atmosphere. Each state is an individual entity of the country. Interculturalism is something that allows for cross-cultural dialogue. For people to be aware of the cultural differences. From the language, dialect, slang, food and even the way they dress. I’m fortunate enough to be in different areas where I’ve had to adapt to a certain culture. So, when learning about interculturalism it helped me put a name to something I had already been doing. When being a tourist, I definitely want to take the initiative and not only take advantage of the “touristy” places but learn more about the destination from the natives. They can often times point in the direction to the best food places, cool locations and have knowledge to tons of rich history.

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