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For Lincoln By Lincoln Curl Fest

The 2018-2019 Student Government Association will be planning the first ever Curlfest for Students. This festival is is geared to individuals with...

The Road to Miss CIAA

Miss CIAA Food Lion Feeds Ft. Tamia Casey Miss Lincoln University PA 2018-2019

The Return of Ziana

Marvin Gregg After months of talking and a long and almost disappointing wait, the oldest and the boldest has returned. The oldest Non-Greek Organization Ziana...

Eating Well

Students will no longer need to wait to have healthy food choices. The Wellness Center is now open to students and more food options....

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All things Puerto Rico & Ghana

By: Faith Nimely, Josephine Nimely, Niare Galve Learn how to plan your...

Bria Rouse

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