Mya Oliver

Traveling isn’t something that I’ve done often but it’s something I plan to do more. For the most part, while growing up my parents were not focused on visiting other places unless we had family there. The furthest I’ve ever traveled to is probably Florida. This is something I definitely want to change. 

Being that I was born and raised in the Bronx, New York, I’ve always met random people from all over the world. Wherever you go in New York, you’re bound to meet someone of another background or country. Meeting so many people who are proud of where they’re from has always given me the desire to travel and see these places for myself. 

I’ve visited many southern states such as South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and Florida. When visiting these places, I stayed with family members and did things nearby their houses. My father’s side of the family is from the south so I went to these places frequently enough through my childhood, but only during the summer.  The only time I’ve been on an actual vacation when visiting these places is when I went to Disney World in Florida. 

Like most people, I would prefer to begin traveling internationally before continuing my travels in the U.S. The first place I want to visit is the Dominican Republic because I am half Dominican. I want to be able to see where my family comes from and finally meet the family that I do have out there. I feel as though it’s important for people to see where a part of them actually comes from. Along with the Dominican Republic, I would love to visit France. My interest in France stems from learning the language throughout high school and continuing on in my college career. I’m working towards getting the opportunity to travel to France, or any other francophone country, through a study abroad program to finish my major. 

This tourism and international communications class has allowed me to properly prepare for traveling in a way. I never realized how much goes into being a tourist.  There are many precautions to take before traveling. There are things you have to do to make sure you respect the place you’re visiting. Not every country has a culture similar to that of the United States and it’s critical to remember that wherever you go. Throughout the course, I’ve learned better ways to communicate being as a foreigner and outsider wherever I go. Especially being a person of color and a woman, there are different ways that we have to move throughout the world and this class has helped me to identify those things. 

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