“Students are the reason I’m here and the only reason I’m here”

By: Sandra Glover

Dr. Brenda Allen’ 81 serves as the 14th president of Lincoln University, in this recent interview she discussed her excitement for the incoming freshman class as well as how she found her love for higher education. In this interview she mentions how she will implement an open door policy for students to voice  opinions and concerns of the university. In closing, Dr. Allen plans to change dynamic of the student body and to provide academic support.

Above: Dr. Allen thoughts on the freshman class and how the faculty to student ratio increase.

Above: Dr. Allen journey on finding her love for higher education through research that stared at Lincoln University during her undergrad.

Above: Dr. Allen plans for the future of Lincoln University and how she bring the things she implemented at her previous institutions here.

Note: The Presidential Inauguration will take place on October. 20th in the ICC.


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