Meek Mill For Homecoming 2012

By Ericka Blackwell

On Saturday, Oct. 27, doors opened at the Manuel Rivero Hall at 8 p.m. for the SGA concert and afterparty  Campus and local talents opened up the concert at about 10 p.m. The featured artist Meek Mill, from Philadelphia, graced the stage around 2 a.m. and  performed in front of a packed gym.

“The crowd was really into Meek’s performance, although he started late,” said Antoine McDonald, junior from Rochester, NY. “I slapped up Meek when he was in the bleachers so that had me hype.”

The concert opened up with Calvin Diggs, sophomore at Lincoln University. He performed two original songs.

“I had fun performing for my school tonight,” said Diggs. “Everybody showed love and I appreciate that. I just love singing so I am glad I am able to do that for my school.”

The next performer was Melo, a student from Cecil Community College. He started performing two years ago and is in the works of putting out his third album. His last album received over 15,000 views. The first song he performed, “Feist”, received 50,000 views.

“It felt good to be out there in front of all these people, after finally doing all this work,” said Melo. “I appreciate everyone giving me a chance to go out there and do that this year.”

The last of the opening acts was Meechie So Crazy. He is originally from the Washington D.C. area. He also performed two original songs. The first was a slow piece and the second was a upbeat song.

“I wanted to first sing to the ladies. Then hype the crowd up with my song “Turnt Up”,” said Meechie So Crazy.

TCB, GoGo Band from Washington D.C., then took the stage after about an hour of a DJ playing a random mix of songs. TCB stands for Taking Care of Business, which was given to the band by an original member named Polo. The Band has been together for approximately twelve years.

“Man, it’s always great coming out to Lincoln University,” said Boe, leader and longest member of TCB. “Its like the fourth or fifth year doing this, so its always fun and a pleasure.We like doing it, the crowd responds to us good. We feel like we are at our own homecoming.”

Meek Mill came to the stage around 2 a.m. after an hour of DJ playing time. As soon as he came to the door to hit the stage, fans started screaming and waving their hands. He ran out to the stage, with an entourage of about 15. He performed a plethora of his most popular songs. “Amen” and “House Party” were on the list.

Mill graced the stage for about 30 to 45 minutes. The crowd sang along to every word. They were screaming and jumping around. Ladies were on the shoulders of others in the middle of the crowd to get a better view of the performance.

Due to personal reasons. Mill declined to give a formal interview, but did comment on how he felt coming out to Lincoln’s homecoming.

“Live, real live. You already know,” said Mill.

Mill then posted up in the bleachers to enjoy the last hour of the concert/party with the crowd.

With the times being setback, this only allowed about an hour of actual afterparty time.

“It was ok,” said Yasmin Ismail, senior from New Jersey. “While I’m not a fan of TCB or Meek Mill, I felt the show could have at least been on time. Meek didn’t finish until close to 3 which didn’t leave much time for the actual afterparty. But that was the most packed I ever seen the gym.”

“It was fun,” said Yakira Jones, senior from Delaware. “The concert was good. Just not enough time to party afterwards.”

Overall from watching the crowd the concert/ after party was a success to put in the archives of Lincoln homecomings.

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